Condensed Matter in all the Cities 2020

du 16 au 26 juin 2020

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Organizers: Piers Coleman, Giovanni Sordi, Andrew Ho, Jorge Quintanilla, Frank Kruger, Claudio Castelnovo, Gunnar Moller, Sam Carr, Andrew Green, Andrew Huxley, Ryan Barnett.

Condensed Matter in the City 2020, normally held in London, will take place online this year. This event, combines an atmosphere of informality, discussion and pedagogy, bringing together world experts, postdocs and students to learn and share about ongoing research and discovery in the study of quantum materials.   

Student participants are warmly invited to submit short videos of their current work to the meeting, with a prize for the best presentation, to be announced at the meeting. We will also be holding informal science mixer events for participants to meet in an informal atmosphere.