Advanced strategies for radiotherapy : iNanoTheRad Meeting

15 au 17 novembre 2021          

Amphi Lehmann(IJCLAB) Orsay    

Plus d’informations                       

This conference will bring together international experts, researchers and students in medical physics, radiation chemistry and physics, development of radiation sources, radiobiology, nanoscience and nanomedicine, and radiotherapy and oncology, to share ideas and formulate secure and personalized treatments of the future. 

This is at the heart of the ambitious iNanoTheRad project of Université Paris-Saclay, which promotes innovative strategies based on irradiation by new sources (high-dose rate, high LET, spatially structured, plasma) and the addition of tumor targeted nano-agents and drugs to improve the effects of radiation. 

This conference is organized close to Paris on the new site of Université Paris-Saclay, one of the eight World Innovative Clusters (2013 MIT technology review).