Master’s Internship grants

Besides supporting research, PALM LabEx aims at developing actions which will sustain education and encourage education through research, including at master’s level. PALM supports its laboratories by allotting them aids for Master’s internships. Every year, about 30 internships are allocated by PALM, for a budget of 50 k€. 


For master’s students registered in a curriculum in Paris-Saclay campus who take up internships with a researcher member of the PALM LabEx. Each internships is bankrolled to the amount of 1500 euros. These internships are allocated in the PALM laboratories depending on the number of researchers involved in PALM.

Each publication and communication medium will have to be labelled with the phrase ‘PALM LabEx‘ and the reference ANR-10-LABX-0039-PALM plus the logos « Investissement d’avenir » and « PALM LabEx » available on the website.

For further information, please get in touch with Sarah Garçon.