PALM has defined 3 scientific priority themes, and three secondary themes :

Thème 1

Topic 1 : Quantum Matter : from the elementary to the strongly correlated

From quantum cryptography to electrons in superconductors at high temperature, this is a field between quantum optics and condensed matter physics that has been developing itself for about ten years. It now enables scientific collaborations between these two fields.

Thème 2

Topic 2 : Complex Sytems: from out of equilibrium systems to biological matter

This theme gathers experimenters, theoreticians and numerical analysts who work on different objects (glass, granular medias, turbulent fluids, soft matter and even algorithmic.) They all have a same challenge: to understand the emergence of very long time scales and the structures associated to them.

Thème 3

Topic 3 : Ultra-fast dynamics: from radiation sources to multi-scales responses

This theme is about high-speed processes and their consequences, from the disturbance of electronic orbits to the disturbance of molecule by chemical or biological reactions, until the dynamic of phase transition in condensed matter. This theme aims at promoting the collaborations between researchers who work on the new radiation sources, and on ultra-fast lasers in particular. It will promote physical chemistry themes which use these sources to study the response in diluted or condensed matter.


Topic 4 : Emergence Evolution Rapid Reaction

With a theme called emergence, evolution and fast reaction, PALM wants to promote the arrival and the development of new scientific themes thanks to an important reactivity offering a fast initial support. This process will m ake a renewal of priority themes possible after 4 years.


Topic 5 : Higher education

PALM is located at the heart of a major scientific education area which includes university and Grandes Ecoles. A major part of its activity is dedicated to high-level physics education support. We give priority to the development of close contacts with the advanced activities of our laboratories. Creation of experimental programs, visits and internships in the best advanced structures of the campus, grants for foreign students in Master’s, contacts with undergraduate students.


Topic 6 : Innovation and technology transfer

Scientific and technology innovation is at the core of PALM. The labex activity in this field is focused on instrumentation, metrology, methods of control developed in our labs and that some other labs or industrialists can ask for.