PALM LabEX moves into its second phase

PALM LabEx moves towards its 5-year extension (2020-2024)

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PALM LabEx was initially an eight-year project. The first phase of PALM ended with the IDEX probationary period on February 29th, 2016. Its second phase (2016-2019) inaugurated a period initially thought as a transition period characterized by the upscaling of the Paris-Saclay campus. The organization into two poles finally emerged in October 2017, Paris-Saclay University and NewUni around Ecole Polytechnique. During this fast changing period, the impact on the LabEx operating mode, organized around scientific projects, was minimal. For its renewal project PALM appears as a well-suited tool to foster interactions in our community within the scheme of two poles.

Core activities of the LabEx focus on three topical fields corresponding to major scientific challenges, and which are instrumental in fostering collaborations and interactions between workers throughout the LabEx. 

– Quantum Matter: from the elementary to the strongly correlated.

– Complex systems: from out-of-equilibrium systems to biological matter.

– Ultrafast dynamics: from radiation sources to multi-scale responses

A fourth topic, named “Emergence, Evolution and Rapid Reaction” will help to rapidly nurture emerging ideas not yet included within the focus topics. Two other topics link our LabEx with the academic and industrial ecosystems: “Higher Education” and “Innovation”, the latter shared with the LabEx NanoSaclay.

Endowed with 17.5 M€ over 8 years, PALM has funded collaborative projects between teams belonging to separate entities of the plateau. It has been a recognized actor for the structuring of science and education in the Paris-Saclay landscape. Its state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge research and high international visibility make the LabEx part of the bedrock of the future scientific landscape of Saclay plateau.

In our renewal project, we aim at outstanding progress in fundamental science from our community and at reinforcing the connection with the Higher Education and socio-economic world.