Steering committee

The steering committee (about 4 sessions per year) is the decision body (32 meetings up to June 2018 plus electronic votes organized for minor issues). It consists of the executive committee and an assembly of about 20 PALM members which strikes a balance between various institutions, the diversity of subjects, career profiles (full-time researchers, academic staff, heads of labs, etc) and genders.

Coordinator  Philippe Mendels (LPS)
Deputy coordinator  Martine Soyer (IRAMIS)
Head of topic 1  Chris Westbrook (LCF)
Head of topic 2  Gianguido Baldinozzi (SPMS)
Head of topic 3  Marino Marsi (LPS)
Head of Emergence  Jacques ROBERT (LPGP) 
Head of Education  Nathalie Westbrook (LCF) 
Head of Innovation  Patrick Bouchon (DOTA)
Member Cécile Appert-ROLLAND (LPT)
Member Patrick AUDEBERT (LULI)
Member Harold AURADOU (FAST)
Member Fabien BRETENAKER (LAC)
Member Andrei BORISSOV (ISMO)
Member Gregory CHABOUSSANT (LLB)
Member Brigitte CROS (LPGP)
Member Patrick DAVIDSON (LPS)
Member Aurélien DE LA LANDE (LCP)
Member Frédéric DRUON (LCF)
Member Olivier DULIEU (LAC)
Member Philippe MARTIN (LIDyL)
Member Thomas PINO (ISMO)
Member Sylvain RAVY (LPS)
Member Michèle Raynaud-BRUN (LSI)
Member Patrice ROCHE (SPEC)
Member Gregory SCHEHR (LPTMS)
Member Stephan SEBBAN (LOA)
Representant of IDEX Michel GUIDAL (UPSaclay)
Representant of PhOM Kees VAN DER BEEK (PhOM)

The steering committee is in charge of the following tasks :

  • It implements the budget and monitors its execution.
  • It validates decisions to finance actions, whatever their purpose.
  • It is responsible for the execution of the budget before the board of institutions.
  • It proposes to the board of institutions the composition of the executive committee and the positions to be carried to the public authorities or the national and international bodies.
  • It issues an opinion on any change of Partner Institution or Partner Unit contributing to the Project.
  • As much as necessary, it sets up specific groups whose function is to assist the steering committee in the execution of its tasks. It determines the missions, the composition and the functioning of such groups, which will be the subject of a record of decisions by the steering committee.
  • It validates the participation of the labex in interlabex projects.
  • It approves the formal conditions for any publications relating to the Project by the Partner Institutions or Partner Units