MANIP : videos series on research conducted in the LabEx PALM

The MANIP project aims to produce a documentary web series, each episode focusing on a different experiment described by a physicist. The objective is to present different fields of research in photonics to the general public and to make portraits of researchers. Each episode lasts about 10 mn and integrates specifically designed illustrations and animations to clarify the principles involved in the experiments. The Labex’s funding covered the realization of four episodes: episode 1: Karen Perronet-LCF (Biophotonics) ; episode 2: David Clément-LCF (Cold Atoms) ; episode 3: Thierry Channelière-LAC (Quantum Information) ; episode 4: Elizabeth Boer-Duchemin-ISMO (Plasmonics). An additional special episode on the history of quantum intrication with the participation of Alain Aspect (created in 2019 for the 80th anniversary of the creation of CNRS) and highlighted by the CNRS was partially funded by the LabEx PALM.

Results achieved in the framework of the project MANIP2017 and MANIPBELL2019 funded by topic higher education and carried out by David Clément and Gaëlle Lucas-Leclin (LCF/IOGS)